Surprising Gift Ideas for Your Little Sister On Her Birthday


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5 MIN Read | 27-04-2021


No matter how old you grow, little sisters are always the apple of your eye. You would go to any extent to make them happy. Such is the love of siblings; they may not be able to see each other eye to eye for a long time, but when it comes to showering each other with love, they will go to any extent.

So if your sister’s birthday is approaching and you are relentlessly searching for what to gift her, here are a few ideas that will be great gifts for your little sister.

           1. A Collage Of Your Photos Growing Up

Sisters are one of the first friends you have had. Memories of your childhood are captured in your childhood pictures. Gift your childhood friend the perfect gift, one that your sister will never forget. It could be a collage of your childhood pictures.

You can choose to customise the collage with some funny captions and messages for her or simply recreate the memories and post them side by side with captions such as “before and after”. Any gift that has a reference to your childhood will fill her with the floods of innocence and good memories.

 2. Clothes That She Will Like To Wear

Let's face it, no matter how many clothes your sister owns, she will always finds a reason to steal your clothes to wear and flaunt them. At times, your clothes look even better on her than on you, even if you do not like to admit it.

So, to make this gift very unique and give it a cheesy twist, you can get some clothes for your sister and give those to her along with a favourite t-shirt or top from your wardrobe, something you know she likes to wear.

3. Baking Equipment

The pandemic has either made people homesick or bakers. And, if your sister falls in the latter category, you can gift her some baking equipment. That will not only make them happy but also boost their confidence.

If your sister already owns some basic baking equipment, you can choose from the advanced set of icing nozzles and other such things. If you give them that then there is a double treat for you in it as you will get to eat a tasty cake soon.

4. Encourage The Musician In Her, Get Her a Musical Instrument

Is your sister a bathroom singer? Maybe it is time to tell her that she needs to take her talent out of the bathroom and develop it and showcase it to the world. What would be a better gift than a musical instrument for a person starting to develop their skills in music?

5. Gift Them A Celebrity Birthday Video Message

If your sister is a Bollywood buff, anything and everything related to her favourite celebrity would excite her. You can choose from signed T-shirts to merchandise of her favourite movies. But the most exciting thing for her would be getting happy birthday wishes from celebrities.

 You can give her a video message from her favourite celebrities that are personalized for her, wishing her happy birthday. This message is something that a hardcore Bollywood lover like her will cherish.

How To Request A Celebrity Birthday Video Message?

Tring is a platform that offers you an opportunity to request happy birthday wishes from celebrities. Tring India has brought this unique gift idea for not just Bollywood buffs but all kinds of people. You can choose the celebrities you want to get the message from. These celebs belong to all fields like business, sports and social media. There is a listing of celebrities on Tring India website.

To get the video message for your sister on her birthday there is a simple procedure that you have to follow.

1. You can go to the Tring website and open an account over there using your credentials.

2. Then simply go to the celebrities list and choose the celebrity you want to receive the video message from. (There are celebrities listed from various fields, national and international artists as well as local artists. You can choose anyone from them as per your choice.)

3. After that, you can make the payment for it and confirm your request for a celebrity birthday video message.

If you want to be praised for your choice of gift and get your little sister something she would love at a reasonable cost, you should visit Tring.

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