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Has it ever happened to you that you have spent your adolescent years witnessing sweet love stories of people around you and how their happily ever after came true? A huge part of the celebrity fan following in India too follows celebrities and their romantic partners.

Youth, these days, spend their time on social media to check out pictures of various celebrities with their partners. So much so that every time a new pair comes on screen or goes out for dinner, fans are all ready to speculate about how this pair looks good together and might end up becoming a couple.

Celebrities and their romantic life has never been that private and personal. The emergence of the internet, social media and digital visibility have made it possible for celebrities to update their fans about these little details of their life, leaving no secrets or privacy. And of course, fans have not only loved it but have welcomed it with open arms.

This is so ingrained in people that there is a huge fan following for popular celebrity couples. Every event and advancement is closely followed through their relationships.

But, coming back to you, are you crazy about someone who is still not aware of how you feel about him or her? If that is the case and you are looking for a perfect way to confess your love to your special somebody, there is no better way of doing so than getting a personalized, recorded video message from a celebrity they love. Tring video messages bring you an opportunity like no other.

Plan Your Confession

People who fancy one particular celebrity get very happy when the celebrity they love and his or her partner announce their relationship to the world. In the same way, it is probably time for you to confess your love for that special person. Like your favourite celebrities, you can probably do all or some of these.

       1.Couple Challenge

If you are already friends with the person you love, this is the perfect thing to do. Social media is perfect for a challenge like this. Like celebrity couples, indulge in couple challenges that may include performing a certain task together like singing or dancing. Challenges can also include aspects that are related to fitness, like performing a certain number of reps of a particular workout.

At the end of the challenge, slip in a quick “I love you”.


Many people eagerly wait for celebrities to upload their pictures from various festivals throughout the year. Like your idols do, you also click and upload pics with your someone special on a festive occasion.Post the celebrations, maybe go out on a stroll and tell them how you feel about him or her.

       3.Social Causes And Events

Celebrities that are a supporter of common social cause influencers like their fans. Looking at the social responsibility activities of your favourite celebrities, fans become happy. They are glad to see their favourite couple doing so well in their personal life and at the same time making sure that they have awareness of their social responsibility.

Since this activity can enhance the couple’s love and social involvement, you can opt to do this with the one you love. Seeing you in this avatar, you may not even need to confess your love. It might just come looking for you, seeing how impressed your prospective other will be.

        4.Family Events

Fans leave no chance of peeping into the family life of their celebrities and these celebs know it too. So, they keep posting occasional pictures with their family members, which fans find interesting.
Attend common family events on both sides with your prospective other. They will not be able to ignore your hint, laying the ground for a perfect confession.


Many celebrity couples model for various brands of couple clothing, outfits, and wedding look. Friends cannot weigh-in to find out details about the sources of celebrities fashion and imitate it on their big day.
Take a cue from this and begin to get your couple duo matching clothes and accessories.


Celebrities who follow fitness regimes together are absolutely the favourite kind of couples that most fans follow around.
You can do the same and get yourselves a couple gym membership, just for you two.
Confessing your feelings to your special person is a once in a lifetime kind of moment. So, you should take every opportunity to make it special and cherishable for you both. For that, it does not have to be anything extraordinary or grand. Love is a genuine feeling and carefully thought out gestures are enough to help you.

So, if you want to confess your feelings to that special person, Tring brings you an exciting opportunity. Tring is a platform that offers a personalized video message from celebrities. Tring video messages are popularly requested for birthdays. But they can be requested for other special occasions as well and, hence, booking a celeb personalized video message to declare your love can be an out-of-the-world confession.

Love is a special feeling and it should be expressed through even more special means. Choose Tring to opt for a brilliant special way of confessing your love.

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Summary - To get yourself a personalized video message from celebrities to confess your love, open an account on Tring and follow through with all the steps.


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