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It is rightly said that behind every successful man there is a woman. Many of you would agree with this. Women do take up a special place in your life and your heart too. They take up multiple roles in your life, all at once. If you have one such special woman in your life, you must be wondering what to gift her on her special days. But now, your search can end here.

Here is a list of various ways in which you can gift the special woman in your life.

             1. It Cannot Go Wrong With Delicate Jewellery

The safest gift to give to a woman is jewellery. There can be exceptions, of course, but most women love some or another kind of jewellery. Depending upon the preferences of the one you are choosing it for, you can make a choice of metals and precious stones and other details you would want to put in.

A protocol while buying jewellery for women is to buy jewellery that they can wear more often, for example, at work as well. Excessively traditional jewellery can only be used during festivals, traditional events or rituals like weddings and engagements. But, if the jewellery you  pick up has a more casual touch to it, it can be worn on a daily basis, something they will love.

2. You Can Gift Them Self Care Kits

Women often tend to put others before them. Because of societal conditioning, women still find it difficult to prioritize themselves over their family. At such times, it becomes nice if someone else, preferably their better half, takes the lead to normalise prioritizing themselves. Self-care kits can become perfect gifts at such times.

3. Opt For Beautifully Fragrant Perfumes

Perfume is the safest kind of gift that you can choose for the woman you love. Depending on their preference of fragrance, you can choose something strong or mild or floral. One advantage you will have is that perfumes come in a range of pricing. So, no matter how much your budget is, you can always find perfumes or fragrances fitting in your budget. There are branded ones which come in smaller quantities as well. So, for flexible budgets, perfumes are a good go-to. Apart from that, you can also add this to your existing set of gifts.

4. Books — Their Best Friends

If your woman loves reading, then books are something you can rely on for every occasion. There are always plenty of books that you can get for her. Also, books never get old. That is why readers never complain about having too many books. Whenever you are in a dilemma, books are your safest option and the most reliable companion.

 5. Get Her Personalized Video Messages From A Celebrity

One unique gift idea that you can follow is getting her a video message from her favourite personality. Celeb personalized messages are simple to achieve and would be loved by your woman. You can now visit the Tring website and select from the list of celebrities available there. Getting her message from the people she believes as influential for her special day, would add to the charm of the day.

Celebrity Shout Out Videos From Tring

Tring is a web platform that brings you a unique kind of gift. From the website, you can request celebrity shout out videos for yourself or for your loved ones. The digital platform has made it possible for us to connect with our favourite celebrities easily. In the beginning, this concept was limited to celebs wishing Happy Birthday to their fans. But now the idea has developed even more and you can request for a  celeb personalized message.

How To Book Celebrity Shout Out Videos?

There are very simple steps that you follow to book a celebrity shout out video.

1. Go to the Tring website.

2. Create an account by filling in a few details like your name, your email address, gender, date of birth and location.

3. Then, browse through the list of celebs wishing happy birthday on the website. (Celebrities come from various fields like entertainment, sports, media, social media and YouTube. You can choose the celebrity you would like the message from there.)

4. Notify the celebrity about the date on which you will like to get the message.

5. In the end, make a payment to confirm your request. Once your payment is successfully made, you will get a confirmation message.

6. After that, your celebrity shout out videos will get delivered to you on the date of your choice.

Now if you are wondering what to gift for your special woman, you can simply log on to Tring.

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