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It is said that when you give someone a gift, it is like offering a part of your soul. It may sound exaggerated but if you think about it carefully you would understand why it is so. When you are choosing gifts for your loved ones you are putting in a lot of thought about the person and then their likes and dislikes. You think about what they would like, what they would appreciate, and what would motivate them. If all of this is not a way of showing your love for someone, then what is?

Special Moments Like Anniversaries And Birthdays

We truly do not need an occasion to express our love for our family and our friends and other close people. But when the occasions are lined up, that becomes an even greater opportunity to show your affection towards the people you hold dear to your heart. Special occasions like anniversaries and birthdays are the most common special days to deliver your love with or without gifts.

How 2020 Has Changed The Concept Of Gifting?

These days, people have moved past expensive and material gifts and have started putting more thought into small but significant and symbolic gifts. That has been a good move and it is surely making everyone happy and hassle-free. But the year that it was, 2020 has altered all areas of our lives including this one. With everything going digital this year, how could gifting possibly have stayed behind? Hence, there are now various ways of making your gifts digital and showering the same love on others through these digital gifts.

There are various ways in which you can send digital gifts to your loved ones.

1. You can make a video message from close family and close friends of the person and put it together. Surely the words and emotions captured in the video from all the people they love and care for would bring tears to their eyes.

2. Some digital artists and illustrators make digital paintings, which look quirky and beautiful. You can opt for such ways to recreate the pictures of special occasions like weddings and other milestones to gift them on their marriage anniversaries. They can choose to keep it stored digitally or they can print it out if they want to physically keep it in their homes. This is a unique but special gifting idea, one that would surely mean a lot to those receiving it.

3. In a similar way instead of making digital paintings, you can ask for digital greeting cards that can be mailed to your loved ones. With the emergence of digital invites for weddings, digital greetings have also been garnering popularity.

4. When we talk about video messages from family and friends, this is a gift that actually makes their day. But what if you were to add to that feeling and make their day even better? What if you can choose to gift them messages from their favourite celebrities too? Celeb personalized messages delivered to them in the form of a video would be a unique way to celebrate a special occasion.

Tring Celebrities Shout Outs

Tring is a platform that offers you an opportunity to get famous celebrity birthday messages. Tring has a list of celebrities from all industries and fields. Through this website, you can request a personalised video message and make the already special occasion even more special. You can choose celebs from whichever field you want.

How to use make requests for famous celebrity birthday messages?

Making requests for celeb personalized messages has become very easy with the help of technology. You can follow a few simple steps to get an abundance of happiness for your loved ones.

1. The first thing to get Tring celebrity shout outs is to log in to the Tring website. You have to log into your account there. If you do not have a Tring account, you can simply choose to sign up. It will ask you a few basic details before creating your account. If you want to skip filling in all the details manually, you can choose to sign up using your existing Google or Facebook account as well. There you will get an option of allowing Tring to get access to the information from those sites. So instead of inserting details like your name, gender, birth date, and location manually, it will derive those details from Google or Facebook.

2. Once your account is made, you can browse through the list of celebrities. There are various categories, which you can look for and search. Depending upon the interest of the person you are gifting this message to, you can choose from fields like business, social media, YouTube, and entertainment.

3. Once you have finalized who you want celebrity birthday messages from, you can proceed to insert the details like when do you want the message to be delivered and what the message should contain.

4. The final step, just before you get the confirmation of your request for Tring celebrity shout outs, is to make the payment. Once you make the payment, your request will be confirmed and then you can be assured that it will be delivered on the date you mentioned.

Technology has been essential in keeping people connected in 2020 and you can make use of that in gifting as well. Visit Tring to get more ideas for gifting your loved ones.


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