How to Motivate Your Friends and Family by Celebrity Personalized Messages?


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5 MIN Read | 27-04-2021


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2020 has been a year that has consistently brought down our morale. The pandemic started it all and was followed by other unfortunate things that we have witnessed during this year. At such times, it is difficult for us to keep ourselves motivated even for our mundane tasks and daily chores. What can work as the best motivator during such times?

Communication Is The Biggest Motivator

Do you remember the times when someone's words helped you sail through when things seemed difficult? Do you remember being comforted by someone's words when your morale was down? If yes, that is because of the power of communication. Communication, although defined technically as a transfer of message, conveys a lot of things beyond just words. Hence, communication can act as the biggest motivator. You can speak to your friends and family about any concerns that they may have. You can speak to them about difficulties arising in their daily lives and explore ways to work on them. You can also offer them small help in your capacity that would make it easier for them.

In whatever big or small way, communication is key to help motivate and inspire people who are in need of it.

How Can Celebrities Motivate?

Apart from talking to your family and friend circle by yourself, you can also opt for other alternatives to keep people you care about motivated. It is possible that not everyone will feel motivated enough because they know that you are going through the same boat too. It is also possible that they will get motivated after you speak to them for the first few occasions. But afterward, it might not have the same effect on them as it had earlier.

Now that would be a challenging task to keep them motivated at that time. You can explore various ways to motivate your close ones. Tring brings you one such way to help them stay motivated with the help of their favorite celebs. And if you are wondering if words of encouragement from a celebrity can work, we are sure it will work wonders.

Tring Messages

Tring is a platform that offers you celebrity recorded messages, which are personalized to the content you want. Tring has a listing of celebrities from various fields like business, sports, entertainment, blogging, and social media. Tring celebrity wishes for the masses are relatable and they are sure to become motivators for them.

Celebrity shouts out videos would also make themselves valuable since they are taking out time from their excessively busy schedules to record those messages and send them to fans in need of some motivation. Hence, if you are looking for a perfect way to motivate your family and friends during this dull time, all you need is Tring.

How To Request Tring Messages And Celebrity Shout-Out Videos?

Requesting a celebrity recorded message is not as complicated as it may appear. Gone are the days when you would have to hunt down directories to find contacts of celebrities and then make a request to them for such messages. The invention of social media and the internet has made it easy to contact the celebrities of your choice and request a message from them.

Additionally, platforms like Tring have made it even easier for us by giving us a list of Tring celebrities wishing to choose from.

Steps to follow to request celebrity shout out videos

Go through the following steps to understand how to request videos with Tring celebrity wishing.

1. The very first step in this process is to log into the website and create an account. You can choose to create an account by sharing all the details that are requested or you can simply sign up by using your Google or Facebook accounts, which then would provide them with the necessary details. The details Tring needs are basically your name, DOB, gender, and location.

2. Once you have made your account, it will then show you the Tring celebrity wishing list, which has influential people from many fields. For your family members, you can choose from the influential people in business or spiritual motivators. For your friends, you can perhaps choose from actors, social media influencers, or YouTubers.

3. You can make your request over there with your message and the date when you want the celebrity recorded messages to be delivered. Your request can get approved depending upon the availability of the celebrities. But if you make sure that you are registering for it well in advance then you can be assured to get your message from your choice of celebrity.

4. Before your request is confirmed, you will have to make a payment. After the transaction is a success, you will get a confirmation message which will mean that your request is now confirmed. This is an assurance that you will get the Tring celebrity wish on your desired day.

In the past, people could not think of being able to interact with their favourite celebrities. But platforms like Tring has thoughtfully brought us happiness in the form of celebrity shout out videos. Do visit Tring to learn more about this.

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