How to include a Celebrity in the Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations at home.


Shalin Mary Koshy

4 MIN Read | 21-08-2021


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As you already know the season of festivals has started! And the most awaited festival of ours is here. Ganpati Bappa is here!

Every year we invite guests to the Aarti. Make sweets and bring smiles to everyone’s faces by giving them the sweets. There’s obviously the Ganesh Chaturthi dance that anyone and everyone is good at. And there’s obviously the truckload of loud “Jai Dev, Jai Dev” added to it.

Well, every year we have our Relatives, Colleagues, Friends, Neighbours, etc coming over for the Aarti and Visiting our Bappa. How about making this year’s Ganesh Chaturthi a bit more special and memorable? Want to know how? A celebrity! Yes! A celebrity can now be a part of your celebrations this year.

Connecting to a celebrity has become so easy and having them as a part of your celebrations is truly a memorable and precious moment, isn’t it? Tring is a platform where you can easily connect to celebrities without any worries, any time of the year. There are over 7500 celebrities from Instagram Influencers to TV and Movie stars. But hey, for now, let’s get back to how you include your favourite celebrity to be a part of your Ganesh Chaturthi Celebrations.

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Your favourite Celeb can now see your Bappa!

YASS! You heard that right, your favorite Celebrity can now see the Bappa at your home. You can easily book a Live call with your favorite celebrity on Tring

What happens next?

You get a video call from the celebrity! Make sure you book it on time so the celeb doesn’t miss out on the beautiful mandap decoration at home. You can even talk to the celeb on the live call. Thus, making your Ganesh Chaturthi days a tad a bit more precious and hell a lot memorable.

Personalized Ganesh Utsav wish from the Celeb!

Now your favourite celebrity will wish you directly for this Ganesh Chaturthi. Yes! You can even get the wish customized to your preference! Won’t that be something you will remember for your life?
Do you want to know the best part of the Personalised wish from celebrities? You can send it to anyone! Far-away or nearby!

It’s the most perfect gift for somebody who lives far away. For long-distance relationships. Are you a child living in some other country far away from your parents? Surprise your parents with a wish from the Celebrity whose serial they’ve been binge-watching for years! They’d truly be grateful and never forget this gift.
Delivery worries? ZERO!

There’s no extra shipping charge. No Pincode. No post-office. And Thank goodness No “Fragile - Handle with care”. Nothing! All on the internet. This in a way is the Tension-free gift one could give, especially if you are a busy person who cannot keep tracking the shipment every now and then. And yet it’s a very memorable gift.

Personalised Ganesh Chaturthi’s wishes right in your inbox!

While your favourite celebrity wishes the world a ‘Happy Ganesh Chaturthi’ via their Instagram posts and stories; you can now get a direct message from them specially curated for you.

You can even ask for a DM for your friends or family members. It’s time you surprise them with the message from the celebrity that they have been stalking day and night! Tring has over 7500 celebrities to choose from. From Instagram influencers to Movie & TV stars to Sports personalities and much more!

One beautiful customized message is all it takes to make your loved one go crazy..um...like in a good way!

 These are the few incredible ways to include your favourite celebrity in this year’s Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations, surprise your loved ones and make them go crazy, literally, but again...in a good way :P

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