6 Birthday Gift Ideas That Will Drive Your Younger Brother Crazy!


Febronia Fernandes

6 MIN Read | 04-08-2021


Having younger brothers can be the most entertaining thing in the world. Well, they can get slightly annoying as well (if not all the time) but it's always a good time. And figuring out what theyd like to be gifted isnt as difficult as well because theyre constantly talking about it. But how can you be different with your gifts to them? If youre pondering over the same question, weve got the answer for you!  

Weve collated our top 6 gift ideas for your younger brother that are sure to leave him surprised and on cloud 9!

DM From His Favourite Celebrity

You know hes been obsessing over a certain celebrity. Whether it's his celebrity crush or someone he idolises. A little attention from a celebrity could mean the world to him and its super easy to achieve. All you have to do is log on to www.tring.co.in and select the celebrity hed love to chat with. You can even personalize the message to your liking and complete the booking! Now just sit back and wait for your brother to go completely nuts over that Instagram text!

Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker

You hear him blasting his music at the highest volume in his room and yes, it is annoying but how about gifting him something to make your life easier? This waterproof Bluetooth speaker is perfect for all his adventures out in the open. A portable speaker means, he will no longer be needing the family music system. (Its a win-win, weve thought this one through) Hes also going to love you forever so its perfect!

Personalised Celebrity Video Message

You can take things a step ahead by booking a personalized video message from his favourite celebrity. Imagine his reaction when he finds out that he has received birthday wishes from a celebrity he adores! All you need to do is visit www.tring.co.in and select a celebrity he loves. Personalize the birthday message and complete the booking! You can even record his reaction to this video and post it on social media!

A Cozy Hoodie

You know sweats are a part of his staple outfits, so why not gift him something he will most definitely use every day? Pick out his favourite colour and order one from his favourite clothing store. The best part about this hoodie? You can totally steal it and wear it sometimes as well. (Yeah, weve really thought these through!)

A G-Shock Watch

You can never go wrong with a G-shock watch for someone whos never on time. And if hes a careless young lad, this sturdy, shock and water-resistant watch is a perfect gift for him. Whether hes out in the water or on some adventure in the hills, this watch is going to stay put, no matter what. Hes going to love you for getting this one!

Live Chat With His Favourite Celebrity

This one will be the best gift he could possibly receive on his birthday! Book a live video call on Tring with his favourite celebrity so that he can have a conversation with someone he loves and adores. Tring has over 7500+ celebrities on their list so you dont have to worry about not finding the one. It's a simple process but will give him memories of a lifetime.

We promised wed get you ideas that would drive you nuts and so we did! Pick out your favourites from this list or merge a few together and make your younger brothers birthday, a day hell never forget! Go all out and dont hold back on making him smile wider and brighter!

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