51 Unique And Creative Ideas For Women’s Day


Priyanka Jain

10 MIN Read | 28-02-2022


Do you know why women’s day has been celebrated for over 100 years?

International Women’s Day is the day to celebrate women’s accomplishments and Encourage positive transformation worldwide for women’s rights and equality.

We are now a few days away from this awaited day, 8th March, International Women’s Day. Let’s make this year’s celebration a bit more happening. Here at Tring, we believe that let it be at the workplace or your house; the woman plays an important role. It’s challenging for a woman to prove herself every day, whether that’s challenging gender and pay gaps, unevenness at the workplace, or other problems women face daily. We all choose to appreciate women, learn to celebrate women’s achievements, and create more open doors for our daughter, sister, wife, mother, or even grandmothers.

International Women’s  Day is an incredible chance to do just that, and this year's celebration will be a little different from usual. We have listed 51 Women’s Day celebrations ideas Women’s Day gift ideas that might help celebrate and appreciate women around you.

Following are the 51 Women’s Day Celebrations Ideas & Women’s Day Gift Ideas

1. Personalised Video Message From Her Favorite Celebrity By Tring

You can book your woman’s favorite celebrity and receive a personalised video message. Tring is a platform that allows you to connect your wife, sisters or any woman around your workplace to choose their favorite celebrity and invite them to her day. Tring has a nearly 10000+ celebrities list that offers a DM on Instagram and a Video Call. Tring’s service will be the best Women’s Day gift. You can choose a common celebrity and play a video from that celebrity at your workplace for all the women around you. That would also be one of the best Women’s Day gift ideas in office.

Personalised Video Message for Celebrity from Tring- Women's Day Gift

2. Personalised Video Call From Her Favorite Celebrity By Tring

You can book a video call from your woman's favorite celebrity. Tring is a platform that allows you to connect with your wife, sisters, or any woman in your workplace to invite their favorite celebrity to her day. Tring has a celebrity list of nearly 10,000 stars and offers a beautiful service that's a video call. Tring's service will be the ideal Women’s Day gift. You can select a well-known celebrity and plan a video call of that celebrity when all the women are present in the office. That is also one of the best Women's Day gift ideas for the office.

Personalised Video Call - Women's Day Gift

3. Plan A Sweet Basic Coffee Morning

Wake your wife or sister up with a favorite tasty coffee made by you and make her morning special. Wish her and appreciate her; showing such a gesture toward her would be the best Women’s Day gift. If you are confused about Women’s Day celebration ideas in the office, just get all together, grab the coffee for everyone, and have a deep conversation about women’s rights, achievements, your personal views over women. You can have a beautifully decorated hamper with some chocolates or cupcakes to add more to the day for the women in your life.

Plan A sweet Coffee Morning- Women's Day Gift

4. Show Your Support Of Women’s Day On Social Media 

Encouraging every woman in the world is a great way to show feminism. And social media is a fantastic way to show how much you respect and support women. Post a picture to appreciate every woman on this woman's day and use the #InternationalWomenDay2022. Hashtags will help to reach more and more people. Showing this post would be the best Women‘s Day gift for all the loved women in the world.

Show Your Support Of Women’s Day On Social Media- Women's Day Gift

5. Plan a Thank you and Appreciation Day on 8th March

You can plan an evening on 8th March, at your office or your home, invite your family and friends, and let each man praise the women in their way. These would make any woman special and one of the creative ideas for Women’s Day celebration. 

Plan a Thank you and Appreciation Day on 8th March- Women's Day Gift

6. Charity To An Organization For Women

Charity to the women who need money would be the best and most creative ideas for Women’s Day celebration. For the women who get no respect or love from their families, helping them would be the best Women’s Day gift for her. 

Charity to an organization for women- Women's Day Gift

7. Express Your Love Towards Women

Let it be any woman your friends, sister, aunties, mom, wife, or your colleagues, whoever they are, tell them you love them and are very proud of them. This women's day is all about celebrating the success of your women, so tell them about your love and spread some love toward all the women in the world. Expressing your love would be the creative ideas for Women’s Day celebration.

Express your love toward the women- Women's Day Gift

8. Host A Movie Evening For Your Woman 

Many films related to women's success and feminism, such as Queen, English- Vinglish, Pink, Mary Kom, and Kahaani. You can have a screening at home or the office and let everyone praise and enjoy the movie with everyone. Having a movie evening would encourage women and help them to praise themself as well. This is definitely one of the best Women’s Day celebration ideas.

Host a movie evening for a woman- Women's Day Gift

9. Plan Quiz On Females

For these, it’s really important to do your homework, invite your female friends home, organize a quiz and see how well men know about the great women of a different category, who has an outstanding contribution to the world, or even your life. Planning a quiz will be a fun activity and one of the creative ideas for Women’s Day celebrations.

10. Girl’s Power Neon Light

If you plan to gift your women in your life something unique and something that showcases the girl’s power, then neon light would be the most remarkable Women’s Day gift for her. The word ‘Girl Power’ will tell everything about the women. If you are still searching for Women’s Day gift ideas, then Neon light with the sign of Girl power would be best.

Girl’s power neon light- Women's Day Gift

11. A Handwritten Letter

You have always been the best on a birthday gift for sister,birthday gift for wife or anniversary gift for wife, but never put much effort in women’s day. But, this time planning to surprise her apart from her birthday and anniversary day and write a sweet note of appreciating her work and encouraging her on her daily work. A handwritten letter would make her day and be the best Women’s Day gift as a token of appreciation. 

12. Gift Voucher

If you can't go around and find a nice Women’s Day gift, then gift vouchers are the best choice. A gift Voucher will make your job easy and yet make it unique. So, you can go for a gift voucher for your women’s and make her day special, by giving the ticket shopping to her, and trust us, and she would love this. And if you are searching for something to give away to all the women at your workplace, you can choose some excellent brands and take a gift voucher of your budget and gift them. These would also be the best Women’s Day gift ideas at office as well. 

Gift Voucher- Women's Day Gift

13. A Piece Of Jewelry 

Who is not tempted to jewelry, especially women? Then what could be the Women’s Day gift better than a piece of jewelry? Gift your woman a piece of jewelry and then see the happiness on her face. There is an unlimited number of jewels that you can easily see on the internet. Pick the best design and the best piece of jewels that would suit your woman, sister, or mom perfectly. Any woman in your life would love such a kind of Women’s Day gift. 

A piece of Jewelry- Women's Day Gift

14. A Makeup Bag That Helps Organize Her Stuff

If you are yet into Women’s Day gift ideas, stop scrolling down and choose the best makeup bag to manage her makeup and make things easy for her. Suppose it has a double zip it's more than perfection. Then on this women’s day, gift your wife or sister a fantastic makeup bag and make your Women’s Day gift a useful one.

A makeup bag that helps organize her stuff- Women's Day Gift

15. Spa Gift Hamper

A spa hamper is useful and a pretty good Women’s Day gift of 2022. The hamper can have a Sponge, Bubble bath, face wash, scrub, face sheets, and some of her favorite fragrance perfumes. The look of the hamper itself should be the surprise of your women in life. But ensure buying the brand which your woman loves. Therefore, before purchasing a Women’s Day gift, be extra careful and choose the best one so that she will love it.

16. Sunglasses

This is one of the cheapest and the best Women’s Day gift if you women love sunglasses. You can also add some more to the gift by adding a customized hat which will help her to protect herself from the sun more. After receiving a Women’s Day gift, she would love your effort on women's day. 

Sunglasses- Women's Day Gift

17. Surprise Women’s Day Party 

If you are searching for Women's Day celebration ideas yet, then planning a surprise party on that day would be the perfect Women’s Day gift. Calling all her near and dear ones would make the party more exciting. You might have planned a birthday party or anniversary party for her, but arranging a women’s day party would surprise her to the next level. 

Surprise women’s day Party- Women's Day Gift

18. Photo Frame 

You might feel it’s a boring gift to gift any woman, but trust us, a photo frame is a fascinating gift. A photo frame brings back the memories you have spent with each other. Adding the inspiring quote would make the Women’s Day gift unique because whenever she looks at the photo frame gift by you, she will have a smile on her face. This could be a special birthday gift for sister, a birthday gift for wife, or even an anniversary gift for wife.

Photo Frame- Women's Day Gift

19. Collection Of A Book

It’s an excellent Women’s Day gift for your colleagues or your woman who loves reading, give her/them the book that inspires her, gives the confidence to move ahead, and have a great happy life. The collection of the book could be a knowledgeable Women’s Day gift for any woman in your life. 

Collection of a book- Women's Day Gift

20. Kitchen Gadget 

Kitchen gadgets are the best and most unique Women’s Day gift that you can also present as a birthday or anniversary gift for wife or any woman. Gift her a kitchen gadget that makes her work easy, such as juicers, blenders, or coffee maker. 

Kitchen Gadget- Women's Day Gift

21. Handmade Art 

It is a brilliant Women’s Day gift because of its touch and creativity. You can easily find some excellent handmade art on the Internet or even on Instagram. You can go for some house decor and have the best Women’s Day gift for the women around you. Some tiny home decor pieces can also be great Women’s Day gift ideas in office. 

Handmade Art- Women's Day Gift

22. Customized Pen Holder 

A pen holder is a very useful and unique Women’s Day gift and could be attractive if customized. A wooden pen stand with her name would be a classic look for the office desk. Customized pen holders are remarkable Women’s Day gift ideas in office to keep their pen organized. 

Customized Pen Holder- Women's Day Gift

23. Pocket Perfume  

Every Woman has different love for perfumes. The fragrance of the scent will make her personality even more attractive. And it’s even more impressive if it’s mini in size that will fit in her office bag or her clutch easily. There are so many options for blissful fragrances and mini in size to choose from. Pick the best one and have the best Women’s Day gift. 

Pocket Perfume- Women's Day Gift

24. Slippers 

Slippers are incredible Women’s Day gift ideas for any woman. Gifting slippers look significant and valuable gift ensuring you on that. In-store or Online, you can readily find uncountable numbers of styles and color sandals. So, slippers are one of the Women’s Day gift you can count on.

Slippers- Women's Day Gift

25. Phone cover 

A phone case is another fantastic Women’s Day gift for your sister, mother, or wife, and believe us, she would love to keep her phone safe. You should choose the best design and color. To make it memorable, you can go for a customized handmade phone case which is also easily available. The phone cover is the Best Women’s Day gift. 

 Phone cover- Women's Day Gift

26. Handbag

Handbags are the Best Women’s Day gift for women. Woman loves handbag. So, have a huge handbag that can carry all her daily stuff, and it would be great if it had a zip. So, if you are planning to gift your woman on this Women’s Day, handbags are the safest Women’s Day gift. 

Handbag- Women's Day Gift

27. Mini Wallet  

A small wallet in her handbag will help her keep money organized, and also if she just wants to carry some cash and doesn’t want to hold her whole big bag. And that’s the time when your women will love your Women’s Day gift.  Any woman would also love a mini wallet with cute prints on it. Choose the fantastic print and make a woman feel special.

Mini Wallet- Women's Day Gift

28. Pack tiffin 

A fancy lovely spaced packed tiffin is the perfect Women’s Day gift. Firstly it is useful, and she would love it if it has a nice space to pack everything in a tiffin bag. Make sure it fits in a lunch bag and is light in weight. So, it's easy for her to carry while traveling to the office. 

Pack tiffin- Women's Day Gift

29. Holiday For A Day

Give her a break for a day and let her relax stress-free. Break from the kitchen, break from office break for kids. Let her be peaceful and enjoy the holiday for a day. This would be the best Women’s Day gift.

Holiday For A Day- Women's Day Gift

30. Nail Polish Set 

Women love to pamper their nails; they love when their nails look attractive. Nail Polish sets are the preferred Women’s Day gift for them. A standard collection includes not more than 12 vibrate colors. 

 Nail polish Set- Women's Day Gift

31. Makeup Kit 

The most desired Women’s Day gift is a makeup kit. If your woman is a professional makeup artist, nothing could be best than a makeup kit or even for those women who love makeup. Makeup kit would be the best birthday gift for wife, sister, or even anniversary gift for wife

Makeup Kit- Women's Day Gift

32. Bath Bomb 

The bath bomb set can also be considered a Women’s Day gift ideas you can trust to satisfy a woman in your life. This is an exclusive spa gift that usually has many shades of organic bath bombs. Some bath bombs also give essential oils, making the bath bomb more amazing. 

Bath Bomb- Women's Day Gift

33. Customized Keychain 

A customized keychain in any shape, especially a heart shape, will always make her smile because it will give a small reminder of you. A personalized keychain would automatically be unique and be the best Women’s Day gift for any woman in your life.

 Customized Keychain- Women's Day Gift

34. A Recipe Book 

The most irritating question  is, ‘ What should I make for dinner?’ But after this question will never be asked. The recipe book would be a perfect gift for a woman who loves to cook. This will help her make new recipes for you and enjoy the mouthwatering dinner. So, A recipe book would be the best Women’s Day gift.

A Recipe Book- Women's Day Gift

35. A Dress On Women’s Day 

A pretty dress that would fit perfectly on women’s day would be the best Women’s Day gift. Even if she is an uncountable dress, she would mind adding one more to her cupboard. Choose her favorite color gift her women’s day outfits and make her look elegant. 

A dress On Women's Day- Women's Day Gift

36. Photoshoot 

Having a photoshoot and making women feel special are creative ideas for Women’s Day. A photoshoot will give her the feeling of a star. This day would be the best Women’s Day gift.  If you are searching for some women’s day celebration ideas in the office, then a group photoshoot could also be the best option. 

Photoshoot- Women's Day Gift

37. Dedicate A Day 

Dedicate your whole day to a woman by appreciating her, thanking her, and showing your love toward her. Showing such a gesture will be the Best Women’s Day gift for any woman.  

Delicate A Day- Women's Day Gift

38. Scarf 

The scarf is a super cool and stylish Women’s Day gift. It’s very useful to any woman. Choose the different but elegant color that could easily suit her every outfit. 

Scarf- Women's Day Gift

39. Plant

A plant is a sign of promise to make the relationship grow forever, and gifting a plant on women’s day would show the sign of increasing her everlasting confidence. Hence, plants are a great Women’s Day gift to encourage women around you. 

Plant- Women's Day Gift

40. Earphone

An earphone is essential for any woman because she is on multiple tasks. So, she can ear to music or even talk to her loved ones while doing her work. Earphones are the Best Women’s Day gift. 

Earphone- Women's Day Gift

41. Mini Lipstick Set 

All the women love Lipsticks, so why not gift her something she already loves. Mini lipstick sets are the Best Women’s Day gift. 

Mini Lipstick Set- Women's Day Gift

42. Treat Her 

Take her to some beautiful, equally romantic dinner place. Treating her and making her feel special would be her Women’s Day gift. And if you want to treat women at your office, then treating them with lunch would be the best Women’s Day gift ideas in office. 

Treat Her- Women's Day Gift

43. Customized Bookmark 

If you have a reader in your life, then a customized bookmark is the Best Women’s Day gift.

44. Food Hamper 

A hamper filled with all her favorite food would make her filled with happiness. Some chocolates, cupcakes, her favorite coffee, etc. A basket filled with her favorite stuff would be an excellent and sweet Women’s Day gift. 

Food Hamper- Women's Day Gift

45. A Gift She Always Wanted

It’s already challenging to get a birthday gift for wife, sister, or anniversary gift for wife. Having one more day and gifting a woman makes it more complicated, and you think this is your case, then a gift to her something she always wanted is the best option for the Women’s Day gift. 

46. Handmade Cake

Baking a cake for her is the best way to wish for Women’s Day. Your efforts and love will be the Best Women’s Day gift to any woman. 

Homemade Cake- Women's Day Gift

47. A Quote Frame 

“You are amazing, You are Strong, Keep Going,” Such an inspirational quote on her office desk or in your bedroom would inspire her every day and make her feel strong and supportive every day. 

A Qoute Frame- Women's Day Gift

48. A Recorded Video

You can record a video and share it on social media, telling how wonderful she is as a role model in your life. Speaking about her would make her smile and be the Best Women’s Day gift. 

49. Do her work

Doing all her household work will help her do her job more manageable and even make her smile—this woman's day experience how complex it is to be a working woman or even a housewife. You will understand her even better by the end of the day. Spending such a day will be a great and creative ideas for women's day celebration. 

Do Her Work- Women's Day Gift

50. Pledge To Respect Every Woman 

This woman’s day, pledge to respect every woman and love them. Pledge on women’s day and express it through Social Media using #Ipledgetorespectwomen would be a beautiful Women’s Day gift. 

51. A Thank You

A small gesture like a Thank you letter would make a sweet Women’s day gift. 

I hope my creative ideas for women’s day and some women’s day gift ideas have helped get something great. Make all the women feel special on this Women’s Day

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