5 Ways To Make Your Long Distance Raksha Bandhan Celebration Special!


Febronia Fernandes

4 MIN Read | 27-07-2021


Being separated from your siblings especially with Raksha Bandhan around the corner gets you all in your feels. With brothers and sisters scattered all over the globe, celebrating Raksha Bandhan has changed over the years. But thanks to technology we can still be closer than ever! If youre feeling down and out and are on the lookout for Raksha Bandha celebrations, were gonna help you out! There are many ways you can make each other feel special, loved and appreciated. 

Weve listed out 5 of our top favourite ways you can celebrate Raksha Bandhan with your siblings even though you are miles apart!

A Heartfelt Voice Message

If youre someone who shies away at the thought of expressing your feelings with everyone around you, weve got the one for you! You can sit in a quiet corner and start recording a message for your sibling. It can be emotional, silly and completely heartfelt and it stays between the two of you. You can go all out with expressing how you feel and how much you appreciate the other. Its a simple gesture but will mean so much to them. They say distance makes the heart fonder and this is exactly proof of that!

A Personalized Video Message From A Celebrity

This is another popular way to make Raksha Bandhan special for your siblings! You can book a personalized video message from their favourite celebrities through tring! All you have to do is log on to www.tring.co.in and select your favourite celebrities. Personalize the message you want to convey and complete the booking! You can now have your special message delivered through their favourite celebrities! Itll be a celebration theyll cherish forever!

A PowerPoint Presentation

You can take a walk down memory lane although not a literal one, a PowerPoint presentation is a perfect way to go! Whether the memories include you having your hair pulled or if you had to bear the blame for their mistakes, nows the perfect time to laugh over it! You can add some of your favourite pictures and videos from your younger days and make it a sweet memory to look back on!

A Jam Session Over A Video Call

You cant let distance take away all the fun and celebration! Get on a video call with your siblings and family members with your food and drinks beside you. Pick up an instrument and jam to all your favourite songs. You can even have a fun karaoke night with your family and keep the celebrations alive even though you are miles apart! Make it a night you and your siblings will never forget!

A Live Video Call With Their Favourite Celebrity

This sounds surreal and impossible but tring brings you a unique opportunity to get on a live video call with your favourite celebrities! All you have to do is visit www.tring.co.in and select the celebrity your sibling loves and adores. You can complete the booking by filling in the details and making the payment. Your siblings are going to love you for this Raksha Bandhan Gift and thats guaranteed!

Dont let distance hamper the love you have to offer. Make Rakshan Bandhan a celebration, you siblings wont ever forget!

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