5 Simple And Unique Ways To Wow Your Father This Father’s Day


Febronia Fernandes

6 MIN Read | 04-06-2021


If youre reading this now, chances are that youre either looking to get your dad a birthday or Fathers Day gift or that youre probably freaking out because its too late to order something online that he'd love. Well, Im pretty sure its the latter but gifting your dad something on any occasion to show your appreciation towards him for all the secret junk food he snuck in for you, the countless piggyback rides and the of course his famous corny dad jokes, shouldnt make you want to pull your hair out since you've probably inherited that from him and along with that his receding hairline as well! (Dont worry, were with you on that one!)


Fathers Day is a day where one recognises and celebrates the role of the father in each and every family, around the world. And so it is important to prepare for it in the best way possible. So instead of gifting him something that hes probably never going to use, were gonna help you make this Fathers Day so exceptionally special, that it's going to be impossible for him to forget it!


Here, weve filtered some of our best picks to help you choose a unique gift for your dad this year.


5 simple and unique ways to wow your father this Fathers Day!


1. For the Dad whos always up for an adventure: Book a sailing or camping trip for him.


If he was the man who gave meaning to the word adventure by showing you how to take the bull by the horns, its about time you

 show him all that youve learnt, through an exciting new experience. (Even though you probably will have to get there much ahead of time like all your airport trips with him!)


2. For a personalized celebrity message to Dad: Book a personalized video message/ video call from a celebrity on Tring!


It could be your dads favourite singer Salim Merchant, actor Prem Chopra or even cricketer Salil Ankola! All you have to do is book a video call or video message on www.tring.co.in, personalise the message that youd like to send across and complete the booking. Yes, it is that simple and is something he can boast about for years to come! (Youll be his favourite kid, I guarantee you!)


3. For the Dad who intends to take it easy: Subscription to a meditation or fitness app


In times like these when going out on long walks is restricted, heres a relaxing and fun alternative to help your dad stay fit and focused during his break time. An annual subscription would go a long way in keeping him glued to his tasks and help him have a healthier lifestyle. (Keep in mind, the beer belly doesnt count!)


4. For the Dad that is looking after himself: Get a Security Camera installed


The times are uncertain and among all the stress your father deals with daily, his familys security definitely makes it to the top of his list. It would be wise to install a security camera that can be viewed easily through an app to keep your family safe from external elements and would go a long way if you have a dad who wants to live independently. (Unless your neighbour does a better job at that!)


5. For a Dad concerned about the environment: Get him eco-friendly daily use gifts


Weve come to notice many dads actively moving towards respecting their environment and giving back in every little way they can, by making conscious life choices. So, an eco-friendly shaving kit among many other options or even by taking a 1-year pledge along with your dad, to live sustainably could be another unique and thoughtful idea, he'd appreciate. (This one's going to bring a smile on his face, 100%!)


Fathers Day is usually one of the most difficult occasions to shop for but were hoping some of these ideas were insightful and helped you get a clearer vision for his big day. Remember, our fathers never left a stone unturned to make sure we had the best childhood so dont hold back on your chance to make him feel loved and appreciated this Fathers Day.

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