5 Funny Gift Ideas For Friendship Day Guaranteed To Leave Them In Splits Of Laughter


Febronia Fernandes

4 MIN Read | 17-07-2021


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Friendship day is around the corner and everyone’s on the hunt for that perfect friendship day gift ideas to make them feel loved and appreciated. But we all have that one friend who likes doing things a little ‘hatke’ all the time! In this case, we’re assuming it’s you since you’ve reached here. If you like to express your love towards your friends a little differently, this is just the place for you!

Weve collated 5 of the funniest friendship day gift ideas that will leave them in splits of laughter! (100% tried and tested)

Box Of Insults

Are you even friends if insulting each other regularly, isn’t your language of love? Well, we’ve found the perfect blend of it all with this box of insults. Pretty self-explanatory. It’s a box that contains 21 insults written with love by the most sarcastic happiness scientists. It is packed with insults that will set your funny gift ideas apart, therefore, reminding them to have a burst of good laughter whenever they're feeling down.

Box of insults - funny Friendship Day gifting ideas

Prank Call From Celebrities 

If you’re a big prankster and are looking to step up your game, then this funny gift ideas is the one for you! You not only get to prank your friends with the idea youve got in mind but you can bring in a celebrity for some help. You can book a personalized message from their favourite celebrities and record their reaction to join in the fun! All you need to do is visit www.tring.co.in and select the celebrity of your choice from over 7000+ options. Personalize the message as you like and complete the booking! Now sit back and plan out the storyline of your prank with ease!

Most Embarrassing Friend’ Trophy

We all are guilty of doing embarrassing things in our daily life but the real fun is having a friend who gets embarrassed very quickly with funny gift ideas! This award is for that friend who never fails to steal the spotlight in any given situation and not for the best reasons. Be it clumsiness or just their personality as a whole. This customisable trophy is something that will stand tall amongst their other achievements!

Most embarrassing friend trophy - funny Friendship Day gifting ideas

Funny Gift Card

You can never go wrong with the good old gift card as friendship day gift ideas! Add in the spice with a sweet envelope to not let them doubt what’s inside. You can go crazy with what you’d like to add on there! But if you struggle with your creative side, you can always go for a store-bought card. Guaranteed to get them laughing till they drop!

Funny gift card - funny Friendship Day gifting ideas

I Hate Everybody But You’ Scented Candles

Everybody loves scented candles but how could you take that a step ahead? Pick out the candle fragrance they hate the most. However, change up the sticker on it. (Chaotic evil much?) Add a personal touch by putting your own label sticker with a special message in your way. ‘I Hate Everybody But You’ sounds like the one? Go for it! Each time they light the candle they’ll be reminded of how creative and chaotic your funny gift ideas can be!

Scented candles - funny Friendship Day gifting ideas

We promised, we delivered! You can pick out your favourites from the list of friendship day gift ideas or you can even merge them all and make it a day they won’t forget! This friendship day, don’t stick to the old pranks that have been in motion for years. Instead, try some of these new tricks out for a change. Not to worry though, even if they do get mad at you, you already know too much about them to be out of their list that easily! You can always bring in a sweet gift to salvage the day but till then enjoy the fun this friendship day!

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