5 Companies With The Best Referral Programs That Helped In Their Exponential Growth


Febronia Fernandes

4 MIN Read | 13-07-2021


Referralsis a term almost everyone is familiar with today because of how widely it is used. In other words, referral marketing is known to be one of the most reliable and trustworthy approaches applied by small and large businesses. It follows the marketing aim to increase new clients and customers by offering incentives and rewards to regular clients. That is to say, regular clients are encouraged to recommend the products to their friends and family in exchange for incentives from the company. It helps both parties involved and works as a win-win situation for both. Dissemination of information about products through word of mouth helps with keeping the authenticity of the brand, making it more trustworthy. 

Intentionally or unintentionally, we have all been a part of this and have actively participated in this exchange as well. Earning rewards through something as simple as referrals or word of mouth marketing is one of the easiest ways to make an extra buck or to even get exciting benefits.

In the past year, weve seen some companies knocking it out of the park with their referral marketing strategies. So, weve compiled some of our top favourites companies and their successful referral marketing strategies down below, have a look!

Google for Work

The giant search engine also has its own referral program where it rewards the business customers for every new user that signs up for Google Apps for Work. Therefore, Users are given a personal link to be shared among their networks after their onboarding. This has brought in a lot of new users and proved to be a successful marketing tactic.


Tring, Indias largest celebrity engagement platform is a noted example of some of the best referral offers. They have their own referral program that has quickly been racking up new users. Their 2-way referral program offers T-cash to both, the referrer and as well as the recipient after they finish signing up. With offers like these, Tring is very quickly reaching a wider audience in a very short span of time.


Ubers referral program has also proved to be very successful and is looked up to by many marketers. They have managed to incorporate their referral program in their mobile model through their app. Ubers incentivised program is based on the free ride concept which has been actively replicated by many other cab and ride-sharing apps.


Airbnb, which is an online marketplace for lodging has a referral program that is a crowd favourite. They follow the 2-way referral program wherein the referrer and the recipient are rewarded with credit. The program even makes the referrer eligible for extra credit if the recipient hosts someone else. These enticing offers have brought in a lot of new customers over the years and proving to be successful.


Zomato, the food delivery company has seen majorly how their referral programs have proved to be effective. They follow a simple referral structure called the Refer and Earn' program. Using this program, users are given a referral code which on successful sharing, helps them earn free cash in their Zomato Wallet. Such offers ultimately help you get great deals on the food youre ordering!

In India, there are several Refer and Earn' programs making the rounds that are run by small and large companies. The outcome of these programs aims to benefit not only the company but also the user. With all this knowledge, we know the potential these referrals hold. Its an easy way to get great deals on your favourite brands and help you save some money. So go make the best use of all these active offers today!

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