4 Unique Gift Ideas For New Moms To Brighten Their Day


Febronia Fernandes

4 MIN Read | 29-07-2021


If youve ever been around a new mom, you definitely know what life has been like for her. Shes too busy caring for her child and has forgotten to take care of herself. A new parents life is stressful and tiresome but a little gesture goes a long way. You cant really do much for her but surprising her with a little gift that is meant just for her, could make a world of a difference. Because chances are that shes only shopped for her little one and has completely forgotten herself.

Heres are our top 4 unique gift ideas for a new mom to brighten her day!

Comfy Loungewear Clothes

Shes been covered in all sorts of baby products over the days and this is something she desperately needs! But her some soft loungewear outfits that she can wear over the weeks and that wont take as much effort to throw on. Comfy loungewear clothes during the first few weeks of taking care of an infant will be one of the best gifts a new mom could receive!

Postpartum Self Care Kit

A go-to gift for new moms is a self-care postpartum kit. Get a cute little basket and throws some of her favourite self-care products. You could add in some under eye gel pads, face masks, lotions and bath bombs. You could add in a small note reminding her to love herself a little extra on days when shes feeling low. A little self-care kit is all a new mom needs but an extra pair of hands to watch the baby while she takes care of herself!

A Massage Gift Card

All the long nights will have definitely taken a toll on her. A perfect body massage is all she needs to relax her muscles and to help her get her mind off things. Being a new mom comes with all the extra responsibilities so small gestures like this that encourage her to take care of herself will make her feel loved and cared for!

Personalized Celebrity Video Message

We all know the daily schedule a new mom could be difficult to adjust to, so why not bring her favourite film stars to her? Book a personalized video message from her favourite movie stars or TV stars and that could be all the motivation she needs to get through a long day! All you have to do is visit www.tring.co.in and select the celebrity she loves. Personalize the message to your liking and complete the booking! Thats all you need to do. A little motivation from the people you look up to can make a difference to your day, so don't hold back on this one!

Bringing a new life into the world is difficult as it is and new moms deserve all the admiration for their tireless work. We are often so engrossed with the newborn that we forget that the mother deserves some extra attention as well. So, go all out for her and make her feel as loved and special while also reminding her to take care of herself!

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