4 Heartwarming Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Favourite Teacher!


Febronia Fernandes

4 MIN Read | 31-07-2021


Its your favourite teachers birthday and you cant figure out what to get her? Youve reached the right place! When its time to gift your teachers something, we often struggle to think of something they dont already have or would need. Well, you dont have to worry about that anymore! Weve listed some of our top favourite gift ideas that will bring them to tears and will hopefully make them smile a little wider.

Here are our 5 heartwarming birthday gift ideas for your favourite teachers!

Personalized Video Messages From A Celebrity

Weve all sat through lectures and classes where our teachers have gone on and on about their childhood stories. Now is the time to put that to good use! Imagine making their dreams come true by having a celebrity wish them on their birthday. Like the sound of it? All you need to do is visit www.tring.co.in and select their favourite celebrity. Personalize the message you wish to send across to them and complete the booking! Youll definitely see some tears of joy after this surprise.

Emergency Teacher Hamper

A teachers life is very tough and most of the time were the reason why. An emergency teacher hamper is a perfect gift for them! You can personalize it to your liking as well. Throw in some of their favourite chocolates, sweets and things you know theyd enjoy whenever theyre feeling low. You can even secretly put in a sweet note appreciating the things they do for you. Its the little things that matter to them and has the power to transform their day.

Heavyweight Tote Bag

Theyre constantly carrying hundreds of things from home to school and from class to class. This heavyweight tote is the perfect gift idea as a pretty accessory to carry around with you all day. It is also super functional which is very important and can hold a lot of heavy items. Shes going to love this gift and youre definitely going to see her carry it to class, every single day!

Double Insulated Coffee Mug

Theyre always on the go, moving from one class to the other and they sometimes forget to finish their cup of coffee. Most of the time, it runs cold by the time theyre back to their office. This double insulated coffee mug is one birthday gift theyre going to love. Its not only functional but is also super easy to carry around all day. They wont ever struggle with a cold cup of coffee again! (All thanks to their very thoughtful student!)

Teachers dont always get appreciated enough. Theyre almost like our second parents as we spend so much time around them. Lets try to make their birthday a little extra special by putting in some effort into thinking of a gift theyd actually find useful. Flowers wither away with time but gifts like these will last a lifetime. Nows your turn to show them how much you truly care and love them!

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